New Edition! RRLIP's Employer Newsletter #4

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New Edition! RRLIP's Employer Newsletter #4

One of the RRLIP's major priorities is Newcomer Employment. 
A key objective is to support employers in strengthening their workforce diversity strategies.

In collaboration with the RRLIP's Labour Market Working Group, we are supporting employers by sharing information that could be of value to them: local training programs for newcomers; other community supports; employment programs; recruiting events; grants and government programs to assist with hiring staff; mental wellness support; providing opportunity to highlight Career Fairs; etc.

'The Newcomer Workforce: An Employer Resource' is a quarterly Newsletter to give employers an opportunity to quickly and easily access information about opportunities to engage newcomers, including those with out-of-country training interested in employment.  

Issue #4 is available here

For the previous 3 issues, go to the Employer Resources page - 

If your business or organization has Career or Hiring Fairs, Educational Opportunities, Networking or other events, RRLIP would be happy to highlight them on the Employment Events page, at no cost to you. 
To see what is currently being offered in the community please go to the Employment Events page.