The Case for UpSkilling: Dealing With Skill Gaps in the Workplace

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The Case for UpSkilling: Dealing With Skill Gaps in the Workplace

Article: How the Pandemic has Exposed Skill Gaps in the Workplace
The events of the last two years have reshaped and accelerated existing trends, created new demands, and tiven rise to companies, leaders and employees to reevaluate many aspects of work.
New rules, expectaions and ways of working have formed a playbook for the long term.  
However, these shifts have highlighted critical gaps in skills for both employees and leaders to deliver in this new environment.  


There is no going back to the way things were for many employees. The pandemic fundamentally changed their expectations of the leaders and companies they work for - forever. Now, organizations and leaders are under pressure to meet those changes by rethinking how they set policies, conduct business, and lead their teams. Those who don’t and remain stuck in old ways of working will feel the very real effects of the great resignation sooner or later.


In this guide, we’ll review the state of work today, why upskilling is critical to remain competitive, and the future skills needed for success today and tomorrow.


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