Halloween Safety Messages from Sask. Safety Council and Sask. Health Authority

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Halloween Safety Messages from Sask. Safety Council and Sask. Health Authority

New Safety Video!

This time of year, on October 31st, it is traditional for many children in Canada to get dressed up in costumes and go door to door in their neighbourhood, carrying bags to be filled with 'treats'.  Many households participate in giving 'treats' to the children -  such as candy, chips, chocolates, apples, etc.  Some households choose not to participate.   

This year, the Saskatchewan Safety Council has released a Halloween Safety video, in order to ensure everyone has a safe experience, especially focusing on what to do when out in the dark, where to walk, social distancing, safe 'treats', etc.   

The video is featured on the SSC Blog: https://www.sasksafety.org/ blog 

The YouTube link for just the video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=qKRfeBv4VlE . 


Safety advice from the Saskatchewan Health Authority can lessen Covid risks: 


·   If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.

·   Trick-or-treat with only your family members or a few close friends you already spend time with.

·   Be sure to:
             - Wear a mask; incorporate it into your costume if possible;
             - Ensure physical distancing (two metres); and
             - Wash your hands before and after trick-or-treating.

·   When approaching a house, have patience and wait for the group ahead of you to leave before approaching.
    Do not crowd the doorstep and stand two metres away.
    Knock on the door (avoid using the doorbell) or play a pre-recorded ‘Trick-or-Treat' audio on your phone.

·    After trick-or-treating, and prior to eating any treats, be sure to wash your hands.

Handing Out Candy

·   If feeling unwell, please do not hand out candy.

·   Only one person per household who is vaccinated should hand out treats for Trick-or-Treaters.

·   When handing out candy:
           - Wear a mask;
           - Wash your hands frequently;
           - Use tongs to hand out candy or hand out individual candy bags; and
           - Only offer store-bought, individually wrapped candy.

·   If weather permits, sit outside and place individual candy or candy bags on a table for children to take.

·   Frequently sanitize high-touch areas including the doorbell, doorknob, and handrails for general hygiene and to protect against any viruses.

Halloween Parties

·    Overall, gatherings should be kept small, especially if children under the age of 12 are present. Get together in small groups with households you frequently socialize with and ensure everyone is fully vaccinated.

·    If weather permits, gather outside.

·    If you are indoors:
         - Open windows and ensure good ventilation;
         - Maintain physical distancing (two metres);
         - Avoid sharing food and drinks;

Consult the local public health unit or area for any gathering limits; and
Limit gatherings, whether they are in a home or in public places (e.g., bars and restaurants), to those who are fully vaccinated.
·   Consider taking part in other outdoor Halloween festivities (e.g., corn maze or pumpkin patch) instead of gathering inside.

·   In-school Halloween parties: Keep children within classroom cohorts.
    Offer store-bought pre-packaged treats instead of homemade Halloween baked goods.