Creating Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion in your Workplace: A Roadmap for Real Change. FREE Short Webinar and Low-Cost Course.

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Creating Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion in your Workplace: A Roadmap for Real Change.   FREE Short Webinar and Low-Cost Course.

To successfully deliver on an organization’s mission and work collaboratively in a nonprofit workplace that is truly inclusive, we must be particularly mindful of and sensitive to the people around us. It’s critical to have the knowledge and awareness of global, racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, cultural differences, local diversity, and individual sensitivities so that we can consistently recognize the values and contributions of every human being.

This important goal can only be achieved through a process of deep self-reflection that leads to personal awareness about the way we have been shaped to see both ourselves and others who are different from us.

This interactive and engaging course will educate you about the individual rights and responsibilities we all have when it comes to anti-discrimination, diversity, sensitivity, and inclusion in the workplace and will set the foundation for creating an inclusive, respectful work culture where every person can rise to their potential.
This course will empower professionals and leaders of non-profit and charitable organizations to:

·        Conduct an internal culture survey

·        Address DEI gaps and vulnerabilities

·        Build awareness

·        Implement best practices

Course Curriculum
Part One: Definitions
Part Two: Perception and Awareness
Part Three: Language of Discrimination
Part Four: Language of Sensitivity and Respect

Links and Additional Resources
Self Reflection and Action Plan Journal available to download within the course.

Course Level/Prerequisites/Certification Credits
This is an introductory level course. Although there is no prerequisite, it is recommended that you view the free 15-minute video on Creating Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion in Your Workplace – A Roadmap for Real Change to maximize learning benefit. This video is an introduction to DEI.

It is recommended you take the course Diversity, Sensitivity, and Inclusion Training: Promoting Anti-Discrimination and Equity in the Workplace.

This course is on-demand, meaning that you can take it anytime and at your own pace. The course will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete from start to finish, but you have unlimited access for 3 months. You can choose to take the course in one sitting or in smaller bites. Either way, the course is entirely flexible and up to you how fast you complete it!

$49.50 – this price includes unlimited access to the course for 3 months and all the course downloads.

Final Quiz
To obtain a certificate of completion, you must pass the final quiz with 70% or higher.