The Ukrainian Crisis is Worsening. See responses from governments - and information about the local Ukrainian Canadian Congress Fundraising Event TODAY -Thursday March 3!

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The Ukrainian Crisis is Worsening. See responses from governments - and information about the local Ukrainian Canadian Congress Fundraising Event TODAY -Thursday March 3!

Time Sensitive: today - Thursday March 3! 

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is promoting the Saskatchewan Day of Caring for Ukraine today.
Saskatchewan Day of Caring for Ukraine: Rawlco Radio ( 

The UCC and the CUF launched the #helpukrainenow campaign to raise money to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need in Ukraine to address any further aggression and ensure aid efforts have the most impact for Ukraine citizens impacted by the war.

From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., 650 CKOM will bring you the stories of those living in Ukraine, those fighting to get them help and what your donation will provide. See complete article here

The Russian army has attacked military facilities, infrastructure and civilian targets. The WHO health cluster estimates the number of affected people has climbed from 2.9 million a week ago to more than 18 million now. That number is expected to grow.

The UCC-CUF Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal has already deployed approximately $500,000 CAD to provide food packages, medicine and shelter.

The Rawlco Radio Saskatchewan Day of Caring for Ukraine provides you the chance to help this campaign.

Click here to find out how to donate!

Saskatchewan is putting out the welcome mat for refugees fleeing Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s attack on the country.

“I spoke with my federal counterpart yesterday to advise that Saskatchewan will open our doors to an unlimited number of Ukrainians affected by the conflict, and we want to open those doors expeditiously,” Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison said in a media release Wednesday.

Estimates say nearly one million people have left Ukraine since Russian forces attacked last Wednesday night.

The Saskatchewan government estimates about 15 per cent of the province’s population can trace its roots to Ukraine.

“It’s time to pay our debt back to those generations of Ukrainian immigrants who helped build our province, giving refuge to their (descendants) who are being so viciously attacked by the Putin regime,” Harrison said.

“Ukrainians will find a welcoming environment in our communities, including many residents with the same culture and language, which will assist in ensuring long-term success with resettlement in Saskatchewan.”

According to the government, funding will be provided to assist with the co-ordination of community supports such as settlement services for Ukrainian families arriving in Saskatchewan.

The government also is prepared to help any of the Ukrainian refugees arriving in the province get the language, skills and connections required to live and work in Saskatchewan.

The province said it will prioritize any applications received from Ukrainian citizens to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, which has brought nearly 300 Ukrainian citizens to Saskatchewan over the past five years.

From an article from CKOM: 

Regarding the worsening situation in Ukraine, the Government of Canada's Minister of International Development announced that Canada will match every donation made by individual Canadians to the Canadian Red Cross between February 24, 2022, and March 18, 2022, up to a maximum of $10 million. 
Read the information from the Government of CanadaCanada to match up to $10 million in donations from Canadians in response to humanitarian crisis in Ukraine -