Resources for Newcomers Renting or Buying Housing in Canada:

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Resources for Newcomers Renting or Buying Housing in Canada:

Houses and apartments in Canada are very different than those in many countries, because of how they are built, building materials used, heating and cooling equipment, and the appliances.   

The rental system may also be unfamiliar, as well as the process for buying a house. 

There are numerous resources available to help newcomers understand how the system works in Canada.   

- CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation)  has developed Booklets on Rent, Buying, etc. available in French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Punjabi, Arabic, Urdu and Spanish 

- Rental Scam Resource - to avoid a scam (someone not telling the truth, trying to get your money), check out this information.   

- ORT (Office of Residential Tenancies) is a government agency that provides information to tenants and landlords about rights and responsibilitees. The ORT can make rulings and settle disagreements.  They provide information in numerous languages. 

- Housing Adaptation Checklist - was developed in Regina to assist those helping to settle newcomers into Saskatchewan housing. It contains links to local resources and other information.        

All of these resources are free, and can help you stay happy and healthy in your home.