How to Stay Safe During These Holidays

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How to Stay Safe During These Holidays

One of the biggest causes of COVID spread is transfer between friends and family.  

If you get together with other households, the people you care about could catch this terrible disease.

Even though many people have received their vaccine, there has been a large rise in cases in Regina and other areas of Saskatchewan. This is because some of the new variants have been spreading faster and making people sicker and they send more and more young people to hospital. 

This holiday weekend, you can protect yourself and the ones you love by doing the following: 

  • Don’t wait to vaccinate! Go get your vaccination as soon as you are eligible to do so. 

  • Once you have the vaccine, still follow public health orders (don’t visit people you do not live with, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask)

  • Easter needs to be celebrated with the people you live with. Do not have other people in your home or go to others houses (Unless you live alone. Then you can visit 1 other family or house)

Because if we don’t protect each other from COVID now, not all of us will be around to celebrate defeating it later. 

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