French Camp and Radio

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French Camp and Radio

Fun, Arts & Sports Summer Camp - Camp Voyageur Saskatchewan (

Francophone Camping, Camp Voyageur is accessible for Regina, Gravelbourg, Trinity, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Zenon Park and Debden. For full details (English translation available), click here: Camp Voyageur 

This year, le Camp voyageur gives the perfect opportunity to have fun in groups through various themes such as : "Les voyageurs at the school of magic", "Les voyageurs in the great outdoors", "supervoyageur", "the wild imagination des voyageurs".

Regina: 12th to 16th of july, 2nd to 6th of august, 23rd to 27th of august - Register and payment through our website and you can contact [email protected]  for more information.


Nos Radios: - French radio!  Did you know that there is a website called Nos Radios which may provide access to French radio from all over Canada?  If interested click here (all in French): Nos Radios –  

In Saskatchewan, there is a live radio interview program on Prairie FM every first Tuesday of the month throughout the year,  between a host community leader and a Communautés francophones accueillantes  (CFA) French newcomer.