Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat Newsletter - #2

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Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat Newsletter - #2

The Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat is committed to advancing human rights by giving a voice to people directly targeted by racism to facilitate change by working towards dismantling systemic racism in Canada. Part of this involves setting up a one-stop shop for anti-racism resources and tools. This work also involves helping departments identify systemic barriers and gaps in initiatives, set up new responsive efforts, and track impact, with the aim of better community outcomes.

We acknowledge the long history of colonialism, which continues to shape and impact the Canada of today. Systemic racism is a lived reality for too many Canadians. Indigenous Peoples, racialized communities, and religious minorities continue to face unacceptable barriers to employment, justice, and social participation.

After marking its first anniversary in October 2020, the Federal Secretariat reaffirmed our commitment to drive and support anti-racism initiatives within the federal government. Part of this work has involved developing new organizational practices to transform how government tackles systemic racism. We are also actively working with different sectors, like business, labour, and academia. This is being done to boost coordination within and among sectors to tackle racial discrimination head-on.

The urgent need to boost targeted federal action against systemic racism has been further reinforced by horrendous incidents that have shaken the nation.

This second edition includes actions taken by the Federal Secretariat alongside federal departments and different sectors of society. It focuses on what the Government of Canada and the Federal Secretariat are doing to fulfill our commitment to combat systemic racism and discrimination in all of its forms.

Newsletter #2 includes information on: 

Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat
Building a Foundation of Change: Canada's Anti-Racism Strategy 2019 - 2022 
Anti-Racism Summit Series 
Tackling Anti-Asian Racism 

Addressing Systemic Racism in the Federal Public Service 
Funding Opportunities 
And more

In fall 2021, the Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat will convene the National Summit on Combating Hate and Racism. The gathering will bring together Indigenous Peoples as well as members of Black, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, LGBTQ2, racialized and religious minority communities from across the country. Together, they will discuss with the Prime minister, cabinet ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, and senators the need for Canadians to come together to boost national efforts to combat hate and racism in Canada. Participants will also provide recommendations to the federal government on ways it can be more effective in taking the necessary steps to curb incidents of hate and racism, which spiked under COVID-19. Part of the event will be live-streamed on the Canadian Heritage Facebook page. Additional summits will be announced in fall 2021.

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