Canadian Government's Budget 2021: Explanation of What it Means for Immigration

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Canadian Government's Budget 2021: Explanation of What it Means for Immigration

In April, the Canadian Government announced its Budget details for 2021. 

The Federal budget contains the Government's policy priorities, its spending and income projections, as well as an overview of the state of the Canadian economy.

An article published in CIC News explains the immigration priorities outlined in Budget 2021 including:

1. Modernizing IT infrastructure, which is used to manage immigration applications and would allow the federal government to respond to higher levels of foreign national arrivals in the future, better security, and improved application processing.

2. Reforms to the Express Entry program. The government would like to give the immigration minister more authority to “select those candidates who best meet Canada’s labour market needs.” Express Entry is the main way that Canada selects economic class immigrants. It accounts for about one-quarter of all the immigrants Canada welcomes each year.

3. Enhancements to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The spending will go towards providing information and support to vulnerable foreign workers, increased inspections of employers to ensure they are treating foreign workers well, and improving service delivery to vulnerable workers so they can obtain open work permits if they have been abused by their previous employers in Canada.

4. Supporting Racialized Newcomer Women.
The Budget proposes an additional $15 million in spending over the next two years to build on existing initiatives aimed at helping to improve the employment outcomes and career advancement of newcomer women.

5. Accelerated Pathways to Permanent Residence. 
Budget 2021 references the new immigration programs launched by IRCC to provide accelerated permanent residence pathways to essential workers and international graduates this year. Some 90,000 individuals living in Canada will be able to apply for permanent residence as a result of these additional programs. 

To read the entire article about Canada's Budget 2021, published in CIC News visit: