#ImmigrantsWork Project: Aligns Well with Local Immigration Partnership Goals

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#ImmigrantsWork Project: Aligns Well with Local Immigration Partnership Goals

In 2021, in response to ongoing Canadian labour challenges that were intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic, World Education Services (WES) conducted three simultaneous pilot projects that engaged community partners in mobilizing employers to co-design solutions that support labour market integration of local immigrant talent. Building on the successes and learnings of these “#ImmigrantsWork” projects, WES is currently working on a second phase of the #ImmigrantsWork initiative with Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) in five communities across Canada. After a competitive application process, the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP Project) was chosen as the mobilizing entity for the initiative in the community of Regina. 

Local Immigration Partnerships, such as the RRLIP Project, strengthen and support the community’s capacity to welcome, settle and integrate newcomers. LIPs draw on the knowledge of their respective community, to identify the challenges and gaps around settlement and integration, and then together with community partners, develop local solutions or responses. 

The #ImmigrantsWork Project works in the same way – by formulating locally developed, co-designed solutions to support the employer community in identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining immigrant talent.

Project goals for the RRLIP #ImmigrantsWork project include:

  • Building lasting connections among employers to community organizations and service providers to support immigrant hiring and retention.
  • Connecting local employers to one another for peer-to-peer learning and problem solving.
  • Designing and publishing a localized version of an Employer Playbook relevant to Regina employer needs and community capabilities.

Initial meetings have been held with Foundational Partners from several local sectors, who will be guiding the expansion and implementation of this 18-month project. We will continue to share updates and insights as they emerge!