Free Admission for New Canadians and PR's! Canoo App - Institute for Canadian Citizenship.

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Free Admission for New Canadians and PR's!  Canoo App - Institute for Canadian Citizenship.

The Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) delivers programs and special projects that inspire inclusion, create opportunities to connect, and encourage active citizenship.

Canoo is a mobile app offered by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, an independent civil society organization, that provides new Canadian citizens with free admission to over 1400 museums, science centres, art galleries, parks, and historic sites across Canada

Formerly known as the Cultural Access Pass, Canoo offers free admission for every new citizen and up to four children, every time they visit for one year! 

Canoo is about experiencing and celebrating the amazing people, places, and things that make this our Canada. Your Canadian story is our Canadian story.

Learn more about Canoo by visiting the website
Information available in English and French.

Canoo provides newcomers to Canada with free VIP access to over 1,400 of our country’s most exciting cultural and outdoor experiences. 

Download Canoo here (App store or Google Play)


Frequently asked questions
Who can sign up for Canoo?
Canoo is offered to Permanent Residents of Canada within their first 5 years of receiving permanent residence status, or new Canadian Citizens in the first 12 months of citizenship. You must be over 18 to use Canoo.

When does my eligibility start and end?
New Canadian citizens are eligible for Canoo during your first year of citizenship. You must download and register the Canoo app before the one-year anniversary of your citizenship ceremony.

Permanent residents must download and register the Canoo app within 5 years of your PR Card’s “PR Since” date. Once registered, your full 12-month Canoo membership can be activated anytime within the eligibility period as described above or will automatically activate at the end of your eligibility period.

Why is Canoo free?
The Canoo app is free because Canadians donate to keep it free. We also receive some support from the government. Most importantly, participating Canoo attractions  open their doors for free, creating a Canada-wide welcome network.

Who can I bring with me for free?
Once you activate your membership, you (the Canoo member) and up to four children (under the age of 18) can use your Canoo pass, via the app. Many attractions offer free admission though some offer discounts.  Your Canoo membership does not cover your spouse, your children over the age of 18, friends, or other family members.

Learn how to activate your Canoo membership here.

How to receive free admission at participating venues:

1. Sign up for free on the Canoo app and activate your membership.
2. Find a place you want to visit by tapping Explore on the navigation menu.
3. When you arrive at the venue, Tell the venue staff that you are a Canoo member and ask for the Canoo venue code or the Canoo QR code
4. Tap “Check in” on your phone, and either Scan the QR code, or enter the 4-digit venue code – staff will provide both.
5. If prompted, enter the number of children’s tickets you need (this prompt will not appear for all venues).
6. You will see your Canoo check in card
7. Show the venue staff your 'Canoo check in card' screen along with a piece of government-issued photo ID.
8. Receive free admission for yourself and up to four children!
9. A couple of hours after you have entered the venue code, Canoo will prompt you to rate your visit. Please complete the short survey letting us know what was great or what could have been improved about your visit. Your feedback will help arts and culture institutions provide a better, more inclusive experience for all Canadians. 

Still have questions? Contact the help desk.;