Project Resources

The RRLIP Project has collaborated with community partners to develop these two resources:

Regina Ethnic Grocery Stores 

Practise Speaking English: Regina Conversation Circles


A series of community forums and other engagement opportunities served to inform the research focus. The Forum Report can be read here Forum Report


Developed to highlight the refugee experience and to share local and other refugee specific information and facts, the Refugee Silhouette may be a helpful resource to individuals, businesses and organizations.


Early engagement opportunities provided insight into emerging local priorities to successful newcomer settlement and integration. For example, close to 700 residents (mainly newcomers) attended a series of community forums designed to identify priorities important to newcomers as they settle and integrate into their new community. The Partnership Council then examined the emerging priorities from the forums and other engagement opportunities, to determine the focus for the research project. Employment, Education and Childcare were found to be key in a newcomer's successful settlement, along with Canadian Daily Living skills. A research team from the University of Regina delved deeper into these priority areas. The findings can be read here Barriers to Newcomer Adaptation and Settlement in Regina


Considering the community engagement results and research findings, the RRLIP Partnership Council developed a Settlement and Integration Community Plan - 2017-2020  to address some of the locally identified priorities for successful newcomer settlement and integration.

LIPs Learning Event Report - English

LIPs Learning Event Report - French