Newly Developed Resource - How to Ride Regina Transit

Newly Developed Resource - How to Ride Regina Transit

In collaboration with Regina Transit, the RRLIP has developed this resource
to explain the basics of riding Regina Transit. 

We asked local service providers, what resources would help in their efforts to support newcomers in Regina. The most requested topic of assistance was something that explained the basics of riding Regina's city buses and paratransit program. 

After sharing this need with Regina Transit, they were happy to work with us in the development of a simple document that can be shared with those new to Regina and/or who are using Regina's transit services for the first time. In fact, many individuals who were born here have found learning the Transit system to be confusing when they are first introduced to it!

The guide to using Regina Transit provides explanation about the following topics:

  • Regina Transit buses and bus stops
  • Finding your route
  • Understanding route maps and schedules
  • Accessibility supports
  • Safebus Program
  • Night Stop Program  

The 2-page resource can be found on the RRLIP Developed Resources & Reports page on the RRLIP Website 

Additional transit-related information can also be accessed here.