A More Welcoming Community

What is a Local Immigration Partnership? 

  • It is a collaborative community initiative that promotes the settlement and integration of newcomers 
  • It builds on the community’s strengths 
  • It supports community-level research 
  • It promotes linkages between sectors 
  • It engages with a diversity of stakeholders 
  • It enhances collaboration, coordination and strategic planning at the community level
  • It fosters a more welcoming community where immigrants are fully engaged and integrated


About Us

Our Local LIP (RRLIP)

The first Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) were created in Ontario beginning in 2008. Currently there are LIPs in many communities across the country including St. John’s, Winnipeg, Calgary, Banff, Vancouver, etc. In 2014, Regina Open Door Society (RODS) successfully obtained funding in collaboration with the Regina Regional Intersectoral Committee (RRIC) from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to create the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP).

This community initiative will examine current community resources and services for newcomers as well as identify local priorities through extensive consultation with newcomers and the general community. The RRLIP will work to facilitate closer collaboration, coordinate activities, create efficiencies and build capacity in Regina.


Videos From Other LIP Projects