International Welcoming Week - Sept. 12-20, 2020

International Welcoming Week - Sept. 12-20, 2020

This year, Canada became a member of Welcoming International, a coalition to advance inclusion in communities worldwide. 

Welcoming Week is an annual Welcoming International celebration bringing together people in local communities to build a sense of belonging for new and long-time residents. The theme of this year's Welcoming Week is Creating Home Together. When communities are welcoming, immigrants are better able to integrate and contribute locally. 

Participation in Welcoming Week is through IRCC’s Immigration Matters campaign, which aims to demonstrate the benefits of immigration at the local level and promote positive engagement between newcomers and Canadians. To find inspirational stories of how immigrants are benefiting communities from all across Canada, visit the Immigration Matters webpage

Here are some examples of how to get involved:

  • Share inspiring stories from your community where you, your organization, or community are creating home together by promoting belonging and inclusiveness.
  • Share photos that show how you or your organization are creating a welcoming place for newcomers.
  • Talk about the positive impact that immigrants have had on your community or workplace.
  • Post a short video clip of your community or business leaders talking about the importance of inclusion.
  • Share a story from an immigrant or refugee’s perspective on how their employer or community welcomed them and made them feel at home, or if you are an immigrant or refugee, share your own story.

This will promote a better understanding of the immigration and settlement process and will encourage others to get involved in making their communities more welcoming!
Through Welcoming Week, let’s take an opportunity to celebrate the values that unite us as neighbours, parents, and colleagues, and encourage others to get involved in making their communities more welcoming. Use the following official hashtags #WelcomingWeek #CreatingHomeTogether to participate in the campaign virtually and move toward making our communities inclusive and equal for all.