Newcomers Giving Back During The Pandemic

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Newcomers Giving Back During The Pandemic

Two recently published articles show how newcomers have been supporting those in need during these difficult times. 

The Global News article features Bola Oyewole who came to Regina from Nigeria in October and is continuing to help, through her volunteer position with the YWCA. “The community has given to me. I need to give to the community in this little way if I can,” Oyewole says in the article. To read the entire story and watch the short video, click here

An article in the National Post highlights a refugee family who arrived in Canada from Uganda over 40 years ago and has donated $1.6 million dollars to help Canadian hospitals fight COVID-19. "My father was so impressed by the way we were treated, the way our host country took us in during our time of need. It was always his goal to be able to give back" said Nimi Nanji-Simard, who was 16 when she arrived in Canada in 1972. To read more about her family's story and the impact their family foundation has made in Canada visit here