Survey for Language Instructors - June 14th Deadline

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Survey for Language Instructors - June 14th Deadline

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Evaluation Division is launching a survey of language instructors. 

They are examining the effectiveness of teaching and learning methods under various IRCC-funded language learning services, including formal language training, informal language learning and employment-specific language training, as well as literacy and LINC/CLIC. 

The survey is intended for any of the following to complete:
- LINC/CLIC instructors,
- employment-specific instructors,
- managers of informal language learning services 

You will be asked question about your experiences with IRCC-funded language services (including services that IRCC co-funds with other jurisdictions). This survey will support a larger evaluation and help us better understand the effectiveness of language training methods and language skill improvement – what works for whom and under what conditions. 

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. Additionally, survey participation is entirely anonymous (i.e., nobody including IRCC will be able to identify your personal responses). 

To participate in the survey, please use the following link: 

The survey will remain open until June 14th.

If you would like more information about the survey or the evaluation, please email [email protected]