Security Warning! Pokemon Chasers - Avoid Jails!

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Security Warning!  Pokemon Chasers - Avoid Jails!

Last week the Regina Police Service was forced to appeal to users of the Pokemon Go game, urging citizens not to do things like step in front of traffic as they use their phones to chase the imaginary characters.

21 Jul 2016  by Brian Fitzpatrick  Leader-Post  

Now Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice, Corrections and Policing has a simple message for players: If you really feel the need to “catch ’em all,” please don’t do it anywhere near the province’s jails.

Confirming the department has had issues with players wandering on or near corrections centres in the past 48 hours, spokesman Drew Wilby said the craze could genuinely put people at risk as they near perimeter fencing at secure adult and youth facilities.

“We want to encourage anyone that’s out there playing Pokemon to go and do it, but to do it in a safe, secure manner,” Wilby said. “When it comes to our correctional facilities, they’re very secure areas … and we have patrol units that patrol that fence, as well as surveillance cameras.”

The indication from Wilby seemed to be that players straying too close to a secure area could find themselves catching more than Charmander or Bulbasaur.

“We would encourage anyone that’s tried to chase Pokemon or another alike character into one of our correctional facilities to go and do so elsewhere,” Wilby said. “Just being around the fence … creates a security challenge for us, and could create a security challenge for the individual that’s there.”

“It’s just an area where we don’t want the public trying to chase Pokemon, and have to deal with that, as it takes our focus away from what we’re supposed to be doing,” Wilby said.