Regina's Rescheduled Pride Festival - Events this weekend!

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Regina's Rescheduled Pride Festival - Events this weekend!

Regina's Pride Festival is called Queen City Pride and it is intended to celebrate the LGBTQ community. 

As 70 countries worldwide continue to view same-sex relations as a crime (and in seven of those countries it is punishable by death) it is important that we recognize that many newcomers have found great comfort in the safety and acceptance that Canada provides to LGBTQ individuals.

To view a map of Sexual Orientation Laws around the world (available in 20 different languages) click here.

Queen City Pride occurs in June every year, but had to be rescheduled due to COVID.

Since beginning on August 30th 2020, there have been many events, with several more occurring this weekend - including the very popular Pride Parade! The format for the parade has been changed to an in-vehicle event only event, due to COVID restrictions. The parade will begin on Saturday, September 5th at 12:00pm and spectators are invited to view it in-person from the sidewalks, or to watch it via the online live stream. A map of the route can be found below. And the link to watch the parade live can be found on the Parade's webpage 

For further information on all events happening this weekend, including a Drive-In Concert (Sept. 4th), Drag Shows (seperate shows for all-ages and adult-only) and free movie screenings, follow this link 

*All events that are part of Queen City Pride are intended to educate, entertain, and enlighten participants about our gender and sexually diverse communities.