Nutrition Month Contest! Win Prizes!

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Nutrition Month Contest!  Win Prizes!

NUTRITION MONTH  Contest sponsored by REACH  (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger)  

Theme: Make small changes, one meal at a time 


Win great prizes by setting and implementing a goal related to healthy eating!



To enter the draw, make something (such as a poster, drawing, photograph, sculpture, mural, poem, song, story, etc.) that shows or describes a healthy change you have recently been making in your eating or meals.  Send us a photograph of your creation or a description of your healthy change.


Photographs must not contain people.

This is a random prize draw.  Entries are not judged


Entries can be submitted any time on or before March 8.  To enter, visit:


All entries will be shared on Facebook.  For children’s entries, the child's first name and age will be published. Children must have parental permission.  The document can be found here.

For adult entries, the adult's full name will be published.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Irene at [email protected]   or

Shanon -  [email protected]

Or, call 306-347-3224