Newcomer Success Story Highlight - Sunny Patel

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Newcomer Success Story Highlight - Sunny Patel

As part of the ongoing promotion of Newcomer Employment Week / Semaine pour l'emploi des nouveaux arrivants, we continue to highlight the stories of newcomers who have become successfully employed at the City of Regina.

Today we highlight Sunny Patel, who came to Canada as an International Student. He is now a Business Solutions Consultant with the City of Regina. 

Sunny arrived in Canada with a Diploma in Computer Technology, which he received in India. In Regina, he attended the Electronic Technician program Saskatchewan Polytechnic and also completed the Business Analyst Certificate program at the University of Regina. 

When asked about employment challenges he experienced in Canada, he explained that language, lack of Canadian work experience and education upgrading & recognition were significant barriers. He said that it took a while to learn and understand Canadian work standards, worplace culture and how to interpret interpersonal interactions as well. 

He also had to learn how to build a resume and cover letter according to Canadian formats and where to look for jobs, including the many job sites available. 

Now successfully employed in the IT department at the City of Regina, he enjoys the friendly and supportive team he works with and the opportunity to share his innovation in a respectful, multicultural environment. 

When asked what advice he would give newcomers looking for work, he provided the following comments: 

  • Be positive, be confident on whatever you have achieved in your home country. You need to adapt accordingly, if you succeed in adapting you can achieve anything. 

  • What you were doing back home, you can get that same thing only you have to give some time and commitment. 

  •  Look for consultation or government agencies that help with education and job development. 

  • Check online for things within your scope of education or experience and to confirm whether you need to upgrade your education and how. 
  • Attend networking events so you can meet people who can provide information that can be helpful in your career planning, etc. A lot of times from these events, you can get references for jobs as well. 

We thank Sunny for his encouraging words and advice for newcomer job seekers in Regina! 

For more information about Newcomer Employment Week, contact the RRLIP at [email protected] or by calling 306-791-6846. 

There are many events planned for the week including; career fairs, networking sessions, panel for employers, workshops and information sessions. A full listing and descriptions for the activities can be found here