NEW/SENA, 2019 Launch Was A Success!

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NEW/SENA, 2019 Launch Was A Success!

The Launch Event for Newcomer Employment Week / Semaine pour l'emploi des nouveaux arrivants, 2019 occurred on the opening day of NEW/SENA and was a great success! 

Participants heard from RRLIP staff, who thanked all organizations involved in the NEW/SENA planning committee and highligted the intention of the week - To Connect Employers, Service Providers and Newcomer Talent!

Ronald Labrecque , Executive Director of ACF, highlighted the need for opportunites for Francophone immigrants and Mayor Michael Fougere acknowledged the importance of Newcomer Employment Week and spoke to how newcomers impact economic growth in Regina.  

The event conclued with personal stories from Upashna Makwana and Leslie Garrido Diaz, who spoke to their experiences coming to Canada and successfully finding employment.