Mobilité Francophone: Advantages for employers

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Mobilité Francophone: Advantages for employers

As we prepare today for the Bilingual Job Fair, it is appropriate to highilght this great Federal program designed to help employers looking for Francophone workers! 

Mobilité Francophone aims to facilitate and simplify the hiring of skilled French-speaking workers for Canadian employers outside the province of Quebec. 

Hiring such workers can offer a number of benefits. For example, the ability to offer a bilingual service, in both official languages, could help a company to immerse itself in new markets, both national and international.

This component is part of the International Mobility Program, which allows Canadian employers to hire foreign workers without having to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). As a result, the employer is not required to demonstrate any effort to hire or train Canadian citizens or permanent residents; in addition, the LMIA registration fee of $ 1,000 will not be required under Francophone Mobility.

Unlike the International Experience Canada (EIC) program - another branch of the International Mobility program known to both employers and workers - the eligibility criteria for Francophone Mobility are not restricted in relation to the nationality and age of the worker. Citizens of all countries, as well as all ages, may be eligible to work in Canada through Francophone Mobility.

Find out how this program makes it easier for Canadian employers outside of Quebec to hire French-speaking workers and listen to the stories of employers and the employees they hired through Mobilité Francophone, by following this link 

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