Information for When Heat Warnings are in Effect

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Information for When Heat Warnings are in Effect

Extreme Temperatures can be dangerous!  

Make sure you and your loved ones keep cool if possible, drink plenty of water, take breaks in the shade, and use sunscreen and hats.  

The City of Regina has worked with various community services to set up Cooling Spaces - places where people can get out of the heat, and have something cool to drink. 

You can find the complete Cooling Spaces document here for download and print. Please share this resource widely.


You can also visit the Extreme Weather Alert page at to access this and further information: 

The City of Regina supports the Mobile Crisis Helpline. If an extreme weather alert has been issued and you see someone in need of help, please call 306-757-0127.

Safe Bus: Regina Transit buses provide a safe and cool place for anyone who needs immediate shelter or emergency services. If the heat is getting to you, flag down one of our buses and our friendly operators will help you out (hold up your hand (palm facing out) in the direction of an approaching bus to signal the driver that you need help. More information on the SafeBus programTrained transit personnel have direct access to 9-1-1 and you DO NOT need to pay a fare to get help through the Safe Bus program.