Follow-up Information About Heritage Language Funding - Questions at the Legislature!

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Follow-up Information About Heritage Language Funding - Questions at the Legislature!

Update on Petition to Restore Heritage Language Funding (from Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages - SOHL)

Thank you to everyone who has sent in signed petition forms thus far. With your help, we have collected an impressive number of signatures. Though the Legislative Assembly is now adjourned until October, SOHL will continue to collect signed petition forms. MLA David Forbes has been very supportive of our cause, and we are truly grateful for his ongoing help.

For those who may not have had a chance to view the coverage of the questions MLA Forbes posed to the Minister of Education via the committee proceedings, they can be accessed here:  

The first is from June 13th, and you will find the heritage language conversation beginning at the 27 minute mark and lasting for about 15 minutes.

The second is from June 14th, and the relevant discussion takes place between minutes 7 and 32.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported the advocacy efforts urging the provincial government to reinstate funding for heritage language education in Saskatchewan. SOHL will continue to do everything it can to demonstrate the importance and benefits of language education, and we hope that you will continue to help us.

 We encourage you to reach out and call, write or email Premier Brad Wall, the Minister of Education, as well as your local MLA's to show your support for heritage language education in Saskatchewan. Tell them your stories, what your language school and community means to you; tell them that heritage languages are an important part of your past, present and future.

For your convenience, a contact information list is available on SOHL's website. If you have not done so already, please join us in speaking out against this short-sighted funding cut.


Click here for a list of Regina Heritage Language Schools  

For more information about Heritage Languages, contact:

Tamara Ruzic, Executive Director
Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL)
2144 Cornwall St. Regina, SK S4P 2K7
Phone: (306) 780-9275