SK Employment Standards - Free Webinar Series

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Are you interested in learning more about Employment Rights and Responsibilities in Saskatchewan? 

Beginning January 9th, the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety will host a series of free webinars covering the topics listed below:

Vacations and Vacation Pay(January 9, 2019).
This webinar discusses vacation entitlements, the rules for taking vacations, and how to calculate vacation pay. Register here.

Family Leave (January 23, 2019).
This webinar discusses the rules for family leave. This includes the rules for taking maternity, adoption, and parental (MAP) leaves, crime-related child death or disappearance leave, bereavement leave, and interpersonal violence leave.  Register here. 

Medical Leaves and Service Leaves (February 6, 2019) 
This webinar reviews the rules governing medical and service leaves. This includes leave for organ donation, critically ill child care, compassionate care, nomination/election and candidate/public office, reserve force service, and citizenship ceremony. We will also discuss job protection for absences due to illness or injury. Register here. 

Payment of Wages (February 20, 2019) 
This webinar discusses the rules for obtaining averaging of hours permits. We will also discuss permits to vary the days of rest rules to allow employees and employers to work longer hours in one part of an averaging period in return for more time off in another part of the averaging period. Register here. 

Calculating Overtime for Employees  (March 6, 2019) 
This webinar discusses the rules around setting up a time bank (overtime bank) agreement between an employer and an employee. This includes what must be in an agreement, how overtime hours must be banked and used, and payouts. Register here. 

Layoff and Termination (April 3, 2019) 
This webinar will discuss the basic rules for ending employment under The Saskatchewan Employment Act. Register here. 

Common Employment Standards Misconceptions (April 17, 2019) 
This webinar discusses several common employment standards misconceptions dealing with minimum call-out pay, vacation pay calculations, self-employed contractors, salaried employees, and time cards and payroll records. Register here. 

Vacations and Vacation Pay (May 1, 2019) 
This webinar discusses vacation entitlements, the rules for taking vacations, and how to calculate vacation pay. Register here. 

Overtime Rules (May 15, 2019) 
This webinar will cover the basic overtime rules in Saskatchewan, including when overtime is earned, and exemptions and special rules. Register here. 

Incentive Based Pay Systems (May 29, 2019) 
This webinar is about the rules for calculating overtime for employees not paid by the hour, such as employees paid by the week, day, distance travelled, or percentage of the load. Register here. 

Overview of Employment Standards (June 12, 2019) 
This webinar provides an overview of the basic rules of employment under Part II of The Saskatchewan Employment Act: Employment Standards. We will discuss the rules governing pay, hours of work, vacations, public holidays, leaves, payroll records, ending employment, and administration. Register here. 

Rules for Employing Youth (June 26, 2019)  
This webinar reviews the rules for employing youths from 14-15 years of age. Topics include: the minimum age of employment; responsibilities of young workers; special hours of work rules during the school term; and employment standards issues affecting most young workers. Register here. 

Vacations and Vacation Pay (July 10, 2019) 
This webinar discusses vacation entitlements, the rules for taking vacations, and how to calculate vacation pay. Register here. 

Each webinar will begin at 1:30pm (Saskatchewan time) and will take approximately one hour.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.  

This information would be particularly important for managers, payroll administrators, human resource consultants, supervisors and employees themselves.  

Employment Standards also offers in person presentations or custom webinars if requested. For more information contact the LRWS Webinar Team by emailing [email protected]  or visit their webpage.