Election 2021 - Why Vote? And How to Vote Information.

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Election 2021 - Why Vote? And How to Vote Information.

Why Vote in Canada?  

Canada is a democratic country, which gives the right and privilege to Canadians to choose their government.  Your vote is making your choice.  

The many different political parties in Canada have varying ideas about: childcare, immigration, employment, minimum wage, etc.  

It is up to each person to find out what the parties believe and would like to do if they are in power.
There are many ways to find information: newspapers, online news reports, political party websites, attending information sessions, calling or emailing the candidates to talk to them, etc.  

The elected candidate (the person getting the most votes) from your area will go to Ottawa as a Member of Parliament, to represent the people in your area.  They will bring your concerns and ideas to the rest of those elected, either as a government member, or in opposition to the government.  You can speak directly to them, send them an email, or send a letter.  They want to hear from the people they represent. Voting for them signals that you like the policy of their party.  

Find out what the parties think!  What do they want to do about:

- Family Reunification
- Credential Recognition
- Employment Programs
- Foreign Student Eduction
- Refugee Resettlement
- etc.      

Anyone can buy a membership in a political party and then have opportunity to vote to elect the leader, and to vote on policies. And many can choose to run as a candidate, to try to represent the people of your area.  

As well, there is need for many people of diverse backgrounds to work in the election process.  It is an opportunity to get Canadian training, to see how the process works, and to be a friendly face to those from your background, especially if it is their first time voting, and to have another work experience to add to your resume. 


For an information sheet about how to register and how to vote in the 2021 election, click here:


Visit the Elections Canada website here: register, find your representive and where to vote.

Sources of information about different parties and their ideas, the hisotry of voting, etc: 

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