Promoting, Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding during COVID-19

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Promoting, Protecting and Supporting Breastfeeding during COVID-19

Considering its benefits, breastfeeding is recommended at all times for young children, especially during crisis situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Breastmilk is essential for the growth and development of young children. An animated video on Breastfeeding During COVID-19 was recently developed to provide accessible information to breastfeeding mothers who may lack access to information due to self-isolation, social distancing and their inability to visit healthcare facilities.

The video includes many visuals and subtitles can be translated into many different languages. To access the translated subtitles, turn on the closed captioning (by selecting the 'cc' button on the Youtube platform), then under the settings tab (gear icon), select 'subtitles', then select 'auto-translate', then select your desired language.

The video is available to general public on YouTube and provides information on evidence-based recommendations on breastfeeding during COVID-19 including:

  • the importance of breastfeeding during a pandemic,
  • ways breastfeeding mothers can protect themselves and young children from COVID-19,
  • maintaining bonding with newborn/infant during the period of social isolation,
  • assuring good mental health during a pandemic,
  • alternate safe feeding options if breast-feeding is not possible,
  • hand washing technique,
  • preparation of home-based disposable face mask. 

The video can be viewed here: 

* This e-resource was developed by University of Regina, Faculty of Nursing in collaboration with the United Way Regina, through funding from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation’s (SHRF) Research Connections COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding.