Assess Your Canadian English Level! FREE Online Tool!

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Assess Your Canadian English Level!  FREE Online Tool!

A FREE Online Assessment Tool!  Assess Your English Level! 

(Information below taken from CLBOSA website)

Welcome...The CLB-OSA is an online self-assessment tool for people who are interested in assessing their English as a Second Language (ESL). These tests are based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) and will assess your language proficiency in reading and listening.

Register...When you register to take the tests, you will be asked to provide some personal information which may be used for statistical purposes only. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other parties.

Before you begin...Once you begin each test you will be given 60 minutes to complete all of the sections. When you have completed the test, the computer will generate an approximate benchmark range which will appear on your screen. Please keep in mind that this result is unofficial. These results are for your information only and will not be shared with any other parties.

Checklist...Use this checklist to help you get ready for the tests.

✓ Make sure you are in a quiet space
✓ You have a headset ready for the listening test
✓ Give yourself enough time to complete the whole test because you cannot pause it
✓ Make sure you print or make the CLB-OSA Note Sheet for the listening test
✓ Answer the questions without assistance from friends or family
✓ Do not use a dictionary of any kind
✓ Complete the entire test for best results
✓ If you are not sure of an answer, make your best guess
✓ Please take the assessment only with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. This assessment will NOT work in Chrome or IOS browsers
✓ Please ensure that Microsoft Silverlight is installed on your computer before taking this assessment. If not, please download it
✓ Make sure your computer is compatible with all our Technical Requirements

* Please ensure that your computer supports the selected language.

CLB-OSA website here

The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standards used throughout Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing second language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

The development of the self-assessment tool aligned to the CLB was guided by a set of principles which identified groups of users of the tool, as well as definite purposes and appropriate uses for the tool. The following statements related to the self-assessment tool identify:

Intended users of the self-assessment tool
Purposes for which the self-assessment tool was developed
Appropriate uses for the self-assessment tool 

Intended users of the self-assessment tool

  • Prospective immigrants
  • Adult learners of English in training, educational and workplace centres in Canada and abroad
  • Instructors and trainers of adult learners of English in Canada and abroad
  • Counsellors of prospective immigrants and of newcomers to Canada 

Purposes of the Self-Assessment Tool 

The self-assessment tool was developed for definite purposes which include:

  • Promoting the CLB to a broad range of potential users including prospective immigrants, as well as adult learners in training, educational and workplace centres in Canada and abroad
  • Informing users of general language proficiencies in terms of the CLB.
  • Providing resources to inform users about the CLB as a resource for planning, and making personal and professional decisions. 

Appropriate Uses for the Self-Assessment Tool 
The appropriate uses for the self-assessment tool should be considered by all users of the instrument. The following are appropriate uses for the self-assessment tool:

1. Providing adult learners of English with:

         A general indication of English language proficiency in terms of the CLB to assist them in setting personal, academic, and employment goals
         Information about the CLB and how they are used in Canada
         Information about how to find language training in Canada
         Information about what language proficiency levels are required in Canada for immigration, post secondary studies and professional programs

2. Assisting counsellors and helping professionals in identifying a client’s general level of English language proficiency to:

          Serve as a component in needs assessments  

         Facilitate referral to appropriate language assessments

3. Assiisting instructors and trainers of adult learners of English in identifying general levels of language proficiency to:

       Facilitate referrals of learners to appropriate language assessments
      Support learners in setting realistic goals for further language training, and for meeting academic and professional goals.