Canadian Immigration Statistics for 2019

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Canadian Immigration Statistics for 2019

Two CIC News articles highlight recent Canadian immigration trends that are both interesting and useful for service providers to know! 

The following points are among those highlighted in the articles: 

  • In 2019, Canada welcomed more than 341,000 immigrants and exceeded its federal government immigration target by 10,000 additional newcomers. 

  • The country welcomed 58% of its newcomers under the economic class, while 27% arrived through family sponsorship, and the remaining 15% were welcomed under the refugee class.

  • 25% of Canada's immigrants in 2019 came from India. This remains the main source country of newcomers to Canada. 

  • China was a distant second accounting for 9% of newcomers, followed by the Philippines which accounted for 8%.

  • Nigeria, the United States, Pakistan, Syria, Eritrea, South Korea and Iran rounded out the top 10 source countries. (Exact entry number for each of these countries can be found in the article). 

  • Ontario continues to be the top destination for newcomers, welcoming 45% of the national share in 2019.

  • Saskatchewan’s immigration levels were nearly identical to those 2018, with the province welcoming nearly 16,000 newcomers. This puts Saskatchewan in 6th place among the provinces. 

Read the entire article here for a more detailed breakdown of these trends.