Call for Proposal. Apply Immediately!

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Call for Proposal.  Apply Immediately!


Community Consultant  

The Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP) is seeking proposals from community consultants to conduct focus groups, interviews and/or surveys with employment sector stakeholders.  

Content of queries will be developed in collaboration with RRLIP staff.  

All findings must be presented in a high-level report to the RRLIP by March 15th, 2018.

Project information can be found at 


Research Consultant Competencies:

·         Thrives in a diverse environment

·         Experience in broad stakeholder engagement

·         Experience in qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of various social issues

·         Superior computer skills

·         Attention to detail

·         Strong organizational and time management skills


Proposal Requirements (proposal must be limited to 2 pages).  

To ensure a proposal is considered for evaluation it should include all the information requested below:

·         Statement of community consultant’s interest in the RRLIP project

·         Description of relevant industry experience

·         Description of all expected costs and allocations for the project (upper limit of $1000)

·         A proposed project plan, with timelines for focus groups, interviews and/or surveys

·         Three client references

·         Availability to meet and work on the project between February 1st to March 15th/2018


Written Report Deadline (high-level summary of findings) March 15th, 2018


Decision Criteria:

The successful community consultant will be selected based on the following criteria:

­   Quality of proposal content

­   Relevant experience

­   Project costs

An electronic copy of your proposal is to be attached in an email and forwarded to:  

RRLIP Project (Attention: RRLIP Project Manager)


Deadline for Submission of Proposal: January 30th, 2018   

All applicants will be notified of the final decision.