UR International Global Learning Centre - to Assist University of Regina Students

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UR International Global Learning Centre - to Assist University of Regina Students

The Global Learning Centre   

UR International  

College West 115  


This facility is designed to assist UR students with both academic and non-academic needs.  This includes free, focused English language services, as well as providing information for successfully transitioning and adjusting to learning in a new post-secondary environment at the University of Regina.

Email: [email protected]

Regular Services and Programs:

English Coaching

Students have the opportunity to work with English Coaches to receive assistance with questions regarding assignments, essays, and the English language.  English Coaching is available for students, Monday to Sunday, by appointment and during the walk-in times.  English coaches also host several academic workshops each semester so students can develop the skills to be successful at the University of Regina. 

Walk-In Hour gives students the opportunity to recieve assistance with their questions regarding school work or the English language, without having to book an appointment.  This service is one-on-one, first-come-first-served, and runs Monday to Friday for a couple of hours each day, with times depending on the availability of the English coaches and volunteers.  Students can find the schedules online.

There is also a color-coded schedule, posted on the website.  


Conversation One-on-One

Students who are looking to strengthen and advance their English language conversation skills have the opportunity to practise speaking with one of our International Peer Advisors, coaches, and/or senior student volunteers, Monday to Saturday.  Appointments are usually 30 minutes in length.


Conversation Club

Conversation Club is a daily group setting for students to join, in which they are given the opportunity to meet other students and form connections and friendships, in addition to practicing their English conversation skills as a group.  Daily topics are organized by volunteers and focus on academic and social aspects of students' lives, such as Canadian culture, common practices in health and safety and language uses.  Conversation Club takes place several times throughout the week. 


Study Assistance

Study Assistance volunteers are current University of Regina students who want to give back to the campus community by providing assistance with various university subjects, such as Math, Computer Science, Economic, Physics, Engineering and more.  Study Assistance is offered daily, and by appointment.  If more specific academic needs are required, they can also be arranged. 



One-on-one advising is available for anyone who has questions regarding programs and how to apply to the University.  Group session for advising (regarding programs and application processes) are also available, if students would prefer.