Resources for Parents During COVID-19

Resources for Parents During COVID-19

The current health pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Adults and children alike, are finding it difficult to adjust to staying at home and are troubled by the uncertainty of the future. 

In an effort to support parents who are now entertaining and educating their children at home, the RRLIP is sharing a list of resources to help. 

The list of Resources for Families During COVID-19 contains supports that can be used to help with:

  • children's mental health and coping with change,
  • schooling from home, 
  • overcoming boredom,  
  • safety education, 
  • finding credible information about COVID-19.

This is a great resource for newcomer parents themselves, for teachers to use in ESL classes, to share in local conversation circles, etc.  It contains a lot of local content and many of the links are presented in different languages, including French resources. 

The resource is available here.