Researchers! Call for Proposal! For RRLIP!

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Researchers!  Call for Proposal! For RRLIP!

The Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership Project (RRLIP) is a community initiative that works to enhance collaboration, coordination and strategic planning at the community level in order to foster a more welcoming and inclusive community and improve settlement and integration outcomes for all newcomers to Regina. The RRLIP Partnership Council, a multi-sector membership, is composed of stakeholders representing sectors such as settlement, language, education, employment, all levels of government, justice, protective services etc. and guides the work of the RRLIP project.

Project Background:
Regina Open Door Society and the Regina Regional Intersectoral Committee collaborated to form the Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership Project in 2014, with funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Since its formation, the RRLIP has conducted a high level scan to determine the community’s assets and gaps in the context of newcomers’ needs, conducted 13 community forums to determine local priorities to successful newcomer settlement and integration and established a multi-sector Partnership Council. Next steps include engaging with a researcher(s) to further examine the education and employment priorities and then utilizing the results to inform the RRLIPs Strategy and Action Plan. Implementation of the Action Plan will begin in 2017.

Research Consultant
The Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP) is seeking proposals from a professional research consultant(s) to conduct community-based research. The consultant will provide research that supports the execution of the Strategic Plan for the RRLIP.

THE SUBMISSION: A written report on the research undertaken on the community context and newcomers’ needs must include but is not limited to:
• High level overview of barriers to integration in the domains of education and employment
• In-depth overview of barriers to integration in education sub-domains such as:
 child care availability and wait times for language learner families (impacts the parents’ ability to participate in classes)
 life skills—general household skills, Canadian weather, societal expectations (school, workplace)
• In-depth overview of barriers to integration in employment sub-domains such as:
 childcare to support full-time employment – lack of affordable service, availability of childcare in the city, difficulty finding childcare that suits working hours
 newcomers gaining the ‘Canadian experience’ employers desire—making connections that impact future employment possibilities
Please Note: The required focus for the education and employment sub-domains will be communicated to the successful candidate before the research process begins.

Other necessary Information:
• Demographics and trends in the community
• Available services (settlement and non-settlement services) and the capacity of the providers to support newcomers’ settlement and integration needs
• A summary of consultations held with newcomers, service providers, employers, and other stakeholders in the community
• An innovative framework for welcoming, settling and integrating newcomers into Regina

Project Sectors and Stakeholders (include but are not limited to):
• Newcomers accessing settlement services
• Newcomers that have never accessed settlement services
• Non-profit organizations involved in settlement
• All levels of education and the administration of education
• Non-profit organizations involved in social services (e.g. housing, language training, etc.).
• All levels of government
• Employers
• Ethno-cultural groups
• Youth and child care agencies

Research Consultant Competencies:
• Thrives in a diverse environment
• Experience in broad stakeholder engagement
• Experience in qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of various social issues
• Superior computer skills
• Attention to detail
• Strong organizational and time management skills

Proposal Requirements (proposal must be limited to three pages). To ensure a proposal is considered for evaluation it should include all the information requested below:
• Statement of research consultant’s interest in the RRLIP project
• Detailed description of relevant industry experience in similar research projects
• Detailed description of all expected costs and allocations for the project
• A proposed project plan, with timelines that indicate the steps and methods to be taken
• Three client references
• Availability during all phases of research and reporting which include:
Research Phase July 15th, 2016 to October 31st, 2016
Written Report Deadline November 15th, 2016

Decision Criteria:
The successful research consultant will be selected based on the following criteria:
­ Quality of proposal content
­ Relevant experience
­ Project costs

An electronic copy of your proposal is to be attached in an email and forwarded to:
RRLIP Project
Attention: Carol Brouwers
[email protected]

Deadline for submission of proposal:
June 25th, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.