Regina Residents Showcase Our Caring Community!

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Regina Residents Showcase Our Caring Community!

Community Announcement - City of Regina 
December 1, 2015 


The City of Regina and the Regina Open Door Society are pleased to announce that household goods, furniture and clothing donations have been very generous and immediate donation needs for the Syrian refugees have been met. Residents have shown an overwhelming amount of kindness and are invited to continue their generosity by donating to local organizations that will support the entire community.     

“I am so proud of the community’s strong desire to help and the outpouring of support for this group of newcomers,” said Mayor Michael Fougere. “Regina is a caring community and people are helping in many different ways. Understanding how to help is really important.” 

The City is also being represented in Ottawa today as the national settlement effort continues. This morning, on behalf of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor Mike O’Donnell attended a forum in Ottawa at Rideau Hall about welcoming refugees in local communities. 

Here are some of the best ways residents can continue to help:

•    form a group to privately sponsor a refugee(s) to come to Canada

•    offer full-time or part-time employment opportunitiesto help the refugees start their new life and become financially independent

•    volunteer with the Regina Open Door Society (RODS) as a translator or a long-term mentor for newcomers

•    warmly welcome newcomers in your neighbourhoods


“It’s inspiring to live in a generous community where so many individuals and groups want to warmly welcome newcomers. We want to ensure that efforts are best-directed to have the greatest positive impact,” says Getachew Woldeyesus, Manager of Settlement & Family Services at Regina Open Door Society (RODS).

Woldeyesus says two important points that the community should know are:
•    Five privately sponsored refugees are expected to arrive in Regina in December. Private sponsors will take care of their financial and basic needs and RODS will support the sponsors with other settlement needs, such as language assistance and employment support.  
•    Government-assisted refugees are expected to begin to arrive in Regina in 2016. The government provides 12 months of financial assistance to help refugees to become independent as they settle in the community. RODS will provide government-assisted refugees with all their settlement needs.  

The City of Regina strongly supports the good work of the Regina Open Door Society (RODS) as the lead agency helping newcomers settle into our community. Residents who wish to volunteer or make cash donations should visit the Regina Open Door Society website at

For those who wish to donate household goods, clothing, furniture and other items we encourage you to support local charitable organizations who offer help to all the people of Regina, including our newcomers.