Information for Entrepreneurs! SKBIZGRID!

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Information for Entrepreneurs!  SKBIZGRID!

About the SKBIZGRID:   

Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial community is strong, vibrant, and full of organizations that assist entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in every stage of growth with multiple resources and a variety of knowledge.  

That is why the KOLO project, The Ministry of Economy, Information Services Corporation, and Square One collaborated to bring the Saskatchewan entrepreneurial community the SKBIZGRID.

The Grid is a directory of resources found across the province that specialize in small business. It helps entrepreneurs find organizations, networks, programs and information that will aid their small business from start up to succession.


How the SKBIZGRID works
The grid is divided into two themes – Business Development Stage (start up, growth, sustainability etc.) and by Resource. First, ask yourself: “What stage of business am I at?” Then: “What kind of help do I need?” These questions will guide you across the SKBIZGRID to the column of providers and their contact information. Call or click to learn more about them!


The GRID has divided business development into five stages:

1. Inspiration: This is the stage when you decide if entrepreneurship is the right path for you. You learn more about what it takes to start your own business.

2. Ideation: In this stage, ideas are put to the test through feasibility studies, market research and strategy formulation.

3. Take the Leap: This stage is all about making your idea a reality. Your business is registered, and now you acquire your team, money, and space.

4. Growth and Sustainability: Your business has turned a profit and has returning customers. You might be considering expanding.

5. You’ve achieved your goal and now you wish to sell or pass your business along and move on to the next idea!


The GRID has also been divided into thirteen areas of resources:

1. Programs and Competitions
2. Education
3. Business Planning and Strategy
4. Research and Product Development
5. Support and Networking
6. Business Set Up
7. Financial Management
8. Funding and Banking Services
9. Legal Assistance
10. Sales and Marketing
11. Workforce
12. Office Space
13. Succession and Brokers

Find the Grid here:  


The SKBIZGRID is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking assistance in starting a business. We list organizations that provide one or more of the resources listed above to Saskatchewan entrepreneurs. Some examples are non-profit organizations, consulting firms (except lawyers; we have linked economic development authorities, business plan developers, and educational institutes. If you are a provider that serves entrepreneurs and small to medium sized enterprises (500 or less employees). To join the SKBIZGRID, contact Square One at [email protected]  with your business name, contact information including a website link, and where you would like to be placed on the GRID.