Free Online Training for Working at Heights

Free Online Training for Working at Heights

The Saskatchewan Safety Council has announced a new online training class, useful for anyone required to work at heights. 

The Fall Protection program is designed to give participants information needed to make safe decisions when working at heights. Participants will be provided with current information on industry best practices and legislative minimums. Learning will occur through a facilitated program of both lecture and practical training. By the end of this program, participants will know about effective fall prevention strategies, fall restraint, and fall arrest in varying situations.

The course will also discuss:

  • most common mistakes made when working at heights,
  • how to inspect fall protection equipment,
  • how to wear a harness,
  • you will also have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be suspended in a harness. 

You can view the promotional video here. 

The class is FREE for any Saskatchewan residents. It is only available in English, but much of it is in text and the video can be paused to seek translation as needed. There is no time-limit on the class. 

To learn more about this course or to register and begin training, follow this link 

*Note:  after completing the course you will need an in-person assessment by a competent supervisor. The Saskatchewan Safety Council can connect you with a supervisor to provide the assessment, or, if you are already employed there should be a supervisor on site who can provide the evaluation.