Working Groups

The RRLIP project convenes working groups to either support the implementation of the actions embedded in the Settlement and Integration Community Plan  or to support activities laid out in the RRLIP project's contract agreement with its funder.


1)  Newcomer Employment Week/ Semaine pour L’Emploi des Nouveaux Arrivants (NEW/SENA)

The RRLIP convened the Newcomer Employment Week/ Semaine pour L’Emploi des Nouveaux Arrivants (NEW/SENA) working group in April 2018 to plan the inagural Regina Newcomer Employment Week 2018.  The group consisted of newcomer-serving agencies with a focus on employment and also included others that served newcomers. With great collabboration, the NEW/SENA week took place May 7-11, with numerous presentations, open houses and a job fair.  The group has committed to reconvene and plans for NEW/SENA May 6th to 10th, 2019 will begin in September 2018.  The hope and plan is to involve many employers, as well as service providers.  If you'd like to join the NEW/SENA planning committee, please contact the RRLIP office at  


NEW/SENA Meeting Minutes Archive

2018-2019 Fiscal Year




2)  Sponsoring Community Network (SCN)

The RRLIP convened the Sponsoring Community Network (SCN) in September 2017 so that together, sponsoring community members can share challenges, promising practices and local program and resource information. A membership survey helped the RRLIP identify key information the SCN required, such as local employment programs and services. The RRLIP quickly coordinated a visit from local employment service providers by the SCN's second meeting. Members have expressed a desire to meet often (every 6 to 8 weeks) as they have benefited from the information exchange and support. If you are planning to, or are currently sponsoring, and would like to become a part of the Sponsoring Community Network, please contact the RRLIP office at  

SCN Meeting Minutes Archive

SCN 2018 - 2019 Minutes

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