The Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership is:

A Community Initiative

Designed to improve the settlement and integration of newcomers

Guided by the vision of Regina as a welcoming, inclusive community

Directed by a multi-sector Partnership Council

Informed by an Immigrant Advisory Table


Role of the Immigrant Advisory Table: IAT members will bring lived experience to the role, ensuring the newcomer perspective informs the work and decisions of the RRLIP Partnership Council.

Through this important connection with the immigrant community, the Partnership Council will develop insight into the components of a 'welcoming community.' The Immigrant Advisory Table will consist of newcomers to Canada, residing in Regina and representing a diversity of cultures, languages, ages and stages of settlement and integration. There will be a minimum of 4 meetings per year. IAT members will be unpaid volunteers and required to attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year.

Interpreters can be made available during IAT meetings to ensure the full participation of each member.

Note: The RRLIP would love to have everyone who applies be part of the Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT), however, space is limited.  In the interest of a diverse IAT, not all applicants will be selected.  Applicants not selected may be contacted for other volunteer opportunities as they arise.


Download Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) application form here