Immigrant Advisory Table

The Immigrant Advisory Table (IAT) is a diverse and inclusive volunteer table  that informs the work of the Partnership Council. Members represent a diversity of backgrounds, ages, cultures, languages, genders, education and varying settlement stages. For example, current members represent countries such as Egypt, Ghana, Thailand, India, Fiji, Sudan, Bhutan, Latvia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, etc. As of February 2020, the IAT has 12 members.

This Table not only exists to support the work of this community initiative but also to provide opportunity to newcomers to gain meaningful Canadian volunteer experience, develop friendships and to build knowledge and expertise about the local community. In turn, IAT members are well-connected to the newcomer community and share what they have learned with others. Members meet a minimum of 4 times per year. An application form can be found here:


 IAT Application Form 


IAT Meeting Minutes Archive:

IAT 2019 - 2020 Minutes

Mtg #1 - April 14th Vital Conversation with IAT Members

(final report can be accessed by contacting the RRLIP office at )

Mtg #2 - October 20th  

Mtg #3 - December 8th & (Supporting Document)

Mtg #4 - February 9th

IAT 2018 - 2019 Minutes

IAT 2017 - 2018 Minutes

IAT 2016 -2017 Minutes



IAT Terms of Reference

IAT Terms of Reference


IAT members meet with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to provide input about how programming can reflect a diverse community (June 2018)


Immigrant Advisory Table