REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger)

1779 Albert Street, S4P 2S7, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
(306) 347-3224
(306) 347-2390

REACH serves as an umbrella association for a wide range of healthy food programs. Programs are delivered through over 150 organizations and schools to ensure that all people in the community have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.





Good Food Box  
The Good Food Box is the next best thing to having a fruit & vegetable stand right on your corner!


This produce is as ripe and juicy as you would find at your local grocery store. It sells for a not-for-profit price, often saving you as much as 1/3 to 1/2 of your usual produce bill!


Getting a Good Food Box is Simple:


Each neighbourhood drop-off site (depot) has a volunteer coordinator who collects advance cash payment for the box.
Call 306-347-3224 to find your closest depot or check out the list below
The produce is brought to our warehouse where a team of dedicated volunteers help carefully sort and pack each box.
Our drivers then deliver the boxes to depots throughout the city - within hours of our having received the produce!
Then just head over to your depot, fill your bags and take your delicious produce home. Two weeks later, we do it all again!


Check out the Good Food Box Brochure for information on food boxes, prices, add-ons, and REACH information!


Good Food Box depots:


(Click here to see a map of all of the public Good Food Box depots.)


Good Food Box depots:


(Click here to see a map of all of the public Good Food Box depots.)




Al Ritchie Family Wellness- 2250 Lindsay St, contact Wendy at 306-525-4989


Circle Project-1102 8th Ave, 2nd floor, contact Front Desk at 306-347-7515


Eastview Community Centre, 615 6th Ave., contact Katelyn at 306-525-4757


*McDermid School, 139 Toronto St, contact Tracy or Kari at 306-791-8502


Nagel Crescent Daycare-92 Nagel Crescent, contact Charmaine at 306-527-9081


RamJet-525 7th Ave, contact Cara at 306-789-6199


RQHR East Public Health-1911 Park St, contact Christina at 306-766-7500, or e-mail Christina   


Seniors Centre-2134 Winnipeg St, contact Anita at 306-525-2154


*St. Catherine Community School-150 Brotherton Ave, contact Pam at 306-791-6805


*St. Gregory School–302 Upland Drive, contact Trina at  or 306-537-6049


St. Martins Parish-4720 Castle Rd, contact Leona or Yvonne at 306-586-5655


University or Regina Students' Union-221 Riddell Centre, call 306-586-8811 x208


REACH-1308 Winnipeg St, call 306-347-3224




*Early Learning Centre-2115 Athol St, contact Candace at 306-757-3744


Four Directions-3510 5th Ave, contact front desk at 306-766-7540


Gathering Place/RTSIS-4001 3rd Ave. N, contact Susan at 306-522-7494


Meadow Primary Health Care Centre-4006 Dewdney Ave, contact front desk at 306-766-6399


*Ruth M. Buck-6330 7th Ave. N, contact Erica at (306)791-8556


SSILC-2220 Albert St, contact Jeannette at 306-757-7452 x221


*St. Francis School-45 Mikkleson Dr, contact Joel at 306-791-7335


*St. Jerome School-770 Rink Ave, contact Alison at 306-791-7345


*St. Mary School–140 McIntosh St. N, contact Trina at  or 306-537-6049


*Thom Collegiate-265 Argyle St. N, contact Lee at 306-523-3600


*These Good Food Box depots are closed during the summer months - July and August


Find a REACH Community Store 3 days a week!


Monday11am - 1pm
mâmawêyatitân Centre - 3355 6th Ave


Tuesday - 2pm - 3:45pm
YWCA - 1940 McIntyre St


Friday - 10am - 11am
Regina Senior Citizens Centre - 2134 Winnipeg St


• Fresh Fruits & Veggies
• Fresh Bread & Baking
• Canned Goods
• Dry Goods
• Milk & Other Dairy
• And Much More!!
Visit us anytime or call REACH for details 306-347-3224. Cash Only.


REACH also offers mobile stores for residents at five seniors’ facilities in partnership with the Regina Housing Authority.