Volunteer Opportunity, Working at Encore Market - YWCA

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Volunteer Opportunity, Working at Encore Market - YWCA

Are you interested in volunteering in a store-type atmosphere?  YWCA always has a need for people to assist.


YWCA Regina (Encore Market – Sales Volunteer)
Organization Name: YWCA Regina
Opportunity Title: Encore Market – Sales Volunteer

Commitment: Ongoing Opportunity (> 1 year)
Start Date: present - ongoing

Website: http://ywcaregina.com 
Details:Background/police check required

Appropriate for youth (i.e., less than 18 to seniors)

Family-oriented volunteering

Opportunity Description:

The YWCA Regina is a non-profit organization that exists to support and empower women, children, and youth in addressing their diverse needs in the realization of their full potential. 

This volunteer position requires the ability to work and thrive within our Encore Store.

The YWCA Regina’s second-hand store is made possible by ongoing donations of goods from the community and the tireless work of our dedicated volunteer team, The Encore Store is an outlet for low-cost toys, clothing, books and household goods.

 All donations of goods are first made available to clients from Isabel Johnson Shelter, My Aunt’s Place, and Kikinaw Residence—their needs are given priority. Items that are not needed by clients will at times will be used in a program area, or are displayed in our store, where they are still available to our clients at no cost, or sold to the public at garage sale prices.

This volunteer position will focus primarily on the pricing, display, and organization of the donations received from the Donation and Reclamation Volunteer.

Volunteers in this position will do their work in Encore Market space and will use the sorting and storage room provided in the store itself. Encore Market Sales Volunteers will be responsible for all the in store duties including customer service and the stocking and pricing of new inventory. Volunteers in this position will ensure that items are priced, that inventory is neatly displayed, and that the store remain free of any presentation units that are not a part of the permanent display plan within the store.