Using Behavioural Insights in Immigration Integration Policy - Webinar - October 16, 2018

This webinar will explore the untapped potential behavioural insights may hold for integration policy, and how policymakers can start fitting this approach into their work. 

This includes an interdisciplinary, research-based approach to policy design grounded in understanding how people make choices. While behavioural insights have been adopted in everything from education to health policy, their application in the field of immigrant integration has so far been limited. 

Emerging experimental and real-world evidence suggests a range of ways a behavioural lens could help policymakers reach their integration goals, from fostering open-mindedness among young people and reducing classroom segregation to encouraging immigrants to become citizens.

The webinar is free to attend and will occur 8:30-9:30am on Tuesday, October 16th. 

Further information and registration link can be found here