Updated Ethnic Grocery Stores in Regina list (compiled by RRLIP)

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Updated Ethnic Grocery Stores in Regina list (compiled by RRLIP)

A number of new vendors have been added to the Regina Ethnic Grocery Store list - to increase the variety of products available in Regina. 

Asian, East African, and Latin products from Central and South America are added to the opportunities to buy food and other goods that come from around the world. 

Please feel free to share this list! 

The Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP) developed this list of ‘Ethnic Grocery Stores’ in the city, to facilitate easy access of information for newcomers, community members and agencies.

It is no problem to make copies - the information is to benefit the community.    

The RRLIP updates the Regina Ethnic Grocery Store list when possible, as we receive new information.   
If you know of any ethnic grocery stores not on the list, please contact Deborah at   or call 306-791-6841.

Download Regina Ethnic Grocery Store list