Translate PDF. Documents, Posters, etc. While Keeping Formatting!

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Translate PDF. Documents, Posters, etc. While Keeping Formatting!

A tool to help translate PDF documents accurately (while keeping the original formatting!)

As everyone knows, sometimes getting the proper, even understandable translation of a document using google can be difficult!  And even if the translation is close, often the original formatting is lost.  

The Google Document translator is a newer, powerful tool to translate documents such as Word, PDF, etc. from English (or another language) to many other languages.  However, it does not bring the original pictures into the new document.  

If you are looking for quick translation of a document please follow the steps below:

To translate a document:

1. Save the document to your computer.
2. Open the following link 

3. In the top menu, choose the original language of the document “From” (on the left side)

4. Choose the desired language “To” (on the right side)

5. Choose the file that you want to translate by clicking on “Choose file” 

6. After choosing the file, click “Open” in the dialog window

7. Click the BLUE button (at the top right), labelled “Translate”

8. A translated copy of your document will open in a new window. You can also see this copy in your Google Drive.

Try it with this document: translate a poster