Three Articles Highlighting Newcomers Celebration of Canada Day

Three Articles Highlighting Newcomers Celebration of Canada Day

With Canada Day occuring last week, it is a great time to highlight several stories about newcomers in Canada. 

The first article highlight's an initiative at the Regina Huda School, with the goal of creating deeper connections between Muslims and the non-Muslim community at the school. As part of her graduate work, one of the school's teachers is aiming to have Canada's National anthem translated into all 16 different languages spoken at the school. By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, Krug is hoping to present a written version of O Canada to the students, with a small part of the song written in each language. This is an attempt to show that everyone belongs and is respected, regardless of their faith, skin colour, native language, etc. While translation has already been completed for Mandarin, Urdu, Arabic, Bangla, Turkish and Farsi languages, they are still looking for people who could help them translate the song into Africkaans, Hindi, Kurdish, Oromo, Pashto, Punjabi, Somali and Tigrinya.
The full article, posted in the Regina Leader-Post on June 14, 2019 can be found here 

A July 1st article in the Regina Leader-Post speaks to the story of one family from India, who was part of the Citizenship swearing in ceremony that occurrred on Canada Day at Regina's Government House. As India doesn't allow for dual citizenship, Vrajesh Patel explains why he is willing to give up his Indian Citizenship, to become a Canadian Citizen. “I’m staying here for my whole life now so I am happy to be a Canadian citizen,” said Patel. “It’s a wonderful country.” The family goes on to explain that job opportunities, a better education system and generally being a safer place to live, are all reasons that they have chosen to live in Canada.  
The full article, posted in the Regina Leader-Post on July 1, 2019 can be found here 

A blog featured on mysask411 also chose to highlight the stories of newcomers leading up to Canada Day. In "Finally Finding Home", two women share their enthusiasm for living in Canada with their families.  “I always knew that Canada would be my destination country. I valued its diversity, cultural values and welcoming environment for newcomers” said Mussarat Parveen. She plays chess with her daughter, is addicted to Tim Horton’s double doubles and loves following Roughrider games. Selma Kiwirra stated “For the first time in my life, I feel at home. You get to be yourself, dress how you like, find international food in stores, practice your faith – all in harmony with the rest of the diverse Canadian community.” And the blog author herself, a second generation Canadian, writes " I thank my mother every day for having the strength to uproot her entire world to ensure her children would be able to fulfill their dreams." 
The full blog, posted on mysask411 website on June 27, 2019 can be found here