Summer Program Guide for Children and Youth.

Summer Program Guide for Children and Youth.

Many programs are available in Regina for children and youth to enjoy in spring and summer - some free of charge, some with registration fees, some as short as a week, others much longer.   

A Regina Summer Program Advisory Committee was formed at the request of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), togather information about programs running for children and youth in the city, and make it available to the community.

This Guide is not comprehensive, but includes information from all the organizations that contacted the RRLIP.  On the last page are links to websites that also provide information on programming available.  

Some of the programs listed are free, some have registration fees.  For further information, please contact the organization directly.  

If you run a program, or know of other programs that would like to be included in this guide,

  • please contact the RRLIP at or
  • phone 306-791-6841, so we can update the Guide and publicize the program. 


Download the Summer Program Guide here