Social Event for New Chinese Immigrants

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Social Event for New Chinese Immigrants

The New Canadian Integration Society (NCIS)  welcomes the Chinese immigrant community in Regina to a fun meet-and-greet.

Considering the number of Chinese immigrants has been increasing in Regina, NCIS will hold a social event for new Chinese immigrants. The intention of the event is to help NCIS learn more about the Chinese community, and to provide information, suggestions and assistance that Chinese newcomers may find helpful to their life in Canada. 

Chinese New Immigrant Social Event
Date: October 27, 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Sweet Bakery & Coffee House 
Address: 2445 Broad St, Regina
Cost: This event is free to attend!
*coffee, tea and snacks will be offered*

Don’t worry if you can’t speak English well! The social event will have volunteer interpreters. Ms. I-Ying Wu, a dancer as well as performing arts researcher from Taiwan, will host the event. Dr. Raymond Ambrosi, a Canadian sociologist who lived in China for 12 years, will guide a group discussion on cultural and thinking differences between Chinese and Canadian societies, confronting language difficulties, and learning intercultural communication skills.

In addition to vibrant interactive discussion, there will be fun, non-lingustic ice-breaking activities to explore cultural differences and similarities and find ways to connect with diverse communities in an unfamiliar environment. 

The event is NOT limited to ethnic Chinese and welcomes people from all communities who are interested in cross-communication.

For booking the event or inquiries, please contact I-Ying Wu at:
Tel: 306-536-5476

NCIS is a non-profit organization that helps immigrants and refugees adapt to Canadian society and focuses on the integration of diverse ethnic and social communities. Further information can be found on their website or their Facebook page