Saskatchewan issues invitations to 231 entrepreneurs

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Saskatchewan issues invitations to 231 entrepreneurs

The Government of Saskatchewan conducted a new draw for its Provincial Nominee Program's Entrepreneur Category on April 18, issuing invitations to 231 candidates in the province's Expression of Interest pool.   

The minimum score for this draw was 90 points.  

CanadaVisa News Briefs:     

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)'s Entrepreneur Category allows successful applicants to start, obtain or partner in a business in Saskatchewan and actively manage it while residing in the province with their accompanying family members, if applicable.

Successful applicants first receive a temporary work permit, allowing them to work in Saskatchewan. They can then apply for permanent residence after fulfilling the terms of a Business Performance Agreement.

Among the eligibility criteria for entrepreneur candidates is a minimum net worth requirement of $500,000 CAD and an equity investment requirement of $200,000 (this figure is raised to $300,000 if the investment is made within the cities of Saskatoon or Regina). There are additional requirements for the business, which must have the potential for creating economic benefit to Saskatchewan, as assessed by a SINP immigration officer.

Eligible candidates are assigned a score out of 160 upon entry into the SINP Entrepreneur pool of candidates. The SINP's unique points grid has a strong focus on local labour market needs and business innovation.

For example, candidates who plan an investment in a key economic sector may obtain more points, as do candidates who conduct an exploratory visit to Saskatchewan for at least five working days with evidence of contact with relevant business personnel.

Other factors include one's age, level of education, language ability, entrepreneurial experience, and more besides.

Two more draws are scheduled to take place for this category this year on July 18 and October 17.

Recent SINP Entrepreneur Category draws

The table below shows the history of invitations to apply issued under the SINP Entrepreneur Program. 

Expression of Interest (EOI) Selections
April 18, 2018         Points range         Total Invitations Issued
                                 90 or above           231
January 17, 2018    Points range         Total Invitations Issued
                                  80 or above          251
October 31, 2017    Points range         Total Invitations Issued
                                   80-135                265
July 19, 2017          Points range         Total Invitations Issued
                                   180-145               98
May 24, 2017         Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                   80-140                142
March 2017            Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                  95–135                107
December 2016      Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                  120–130                14
September 2016     Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                  110–135                57
May 2016               Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                  110–155                88
October 2015          Points range          Total Invitations Issued
                                  110–155                 70

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